For this solo-project we had to choose a brand that has shoes as an important part of what they sell. Then we were to create a piece of functional furniture or object that communicates the brand values and identity.
The chosen brand is FEIT, which is an Australian brand created by the brothers Tull and Joch Price in 2005. FEIT is leading within pure, minimalistic construction, excellent quality, and environmental awareness. They are described as the world's first neoluxury shoe-brand. 
The piece of furniture I designed is a place where the customers can sit down to try on shoes. It contains a seat, sock-dispenser, a place to dispose the used socks, room to put away your personal belongings and your own shoes while trying on new shoes, angled surface to lean your feet on while tying your shoes, a surface to place other shoes you might would want to try on and/or shoe-boxes, and finally an angled mirror.

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