This is an excerpt of my Bachelor project that I completed in May 2017. This project is based on the Japanese trend "Konmari", and is a response to the increasing trend of tidying up. According to some trend forecasters, 2017 is a year that will be a big year for tidying up. We live in a world where we no longer seem to be that dependent on material things, and instead focus more on self-actualization. The name of this project is Tokimeku, which is the Japanese word for "Spark joy".
This project contains a shop, a showroom and a simple office-section. The shop will sell simple storage containers, as well as displaying several digital platforms that will inspire and help customers with their tidying process.
The showroom is placed in between the shop and the office-section. This is so that both the shop and the office can benefit from it. This showroom will give the visitors examples of how to best use the products that is for sale in the store, at the same time as it can inspire them to use stuff they already have at home. 
In the office you have the consultants that goes home to the customers and helps them there. This part is more sheltered from the rest of the store, and invites to a more private conversation between the staff and the customers.

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